Most events are in the Melvin K. West Fine Arts Center. (map)

Chances are that the schedule will change a bit. Life is like that.

Student Registration

Monday, 9-11 am at the MKW Fine Arts Center Lobby:  Register and pick up your student schedule.


Opening Meeting and Play-In

Monday, 11 am - Noon at the MKW Fine Arts Center Auditorium


Social Gathering

Monday, Noon - 1 pm at the MKW Fine Arts Center lawn: Bring your lunch to meet everyone and socialize!


Afternoon Classes Begin

Monday, 1 - 4 pm


Daily Classes

Classes will run from 9 - Noon and 1 - 4 pm each day.


Wednesday Evening

Honors Recital — 7 p.m.


Thursday Evening

Ensemble and Elective Concert — 7 p.m.


Friday Afternoon — Picture Day-Please wear your WWSI Shirt!

Group class and chamber performances at 1 pm.

Other details

Those who ordered lunches, please meet in the breezeway outside the FAC lobby each day for pick up between 12 - 12:15 pm.

Please wear your WWSI T-shirts for the Thursday evening performances and all day on Friday. We will meet at 12:30 pm for our group photo on the steps of Chan Shun Pavillion. Don’t be late! 

Orchestra music and chamber music will be available for download now. A few people might see their name in a different orchestra than they registered for — this is so that everyone is grouped together with others at the same playing level. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact Julia or Ben. 

Water bottles are fine to bring to class, but please reserve all other snacks and beverages for outside the building. This is both to preserve cleanliness of the facilities and also very important for those with food allergies. Thank you for your cooperation! 

We ask that parents please silence all cell phones while you are observing your children in class, and students should NOT have cell phones out during any class.

Julia and Ben will be available to answer any questions throughout the week. Please let one of us know right away if you discover a schedule conflict or mistake — we will be happy to sort it out!  Contact Julia at (208) 880-1977 or Ben at (509) 240-5704.  Calls or text messages are just fine.  

In your registration packet, you will find lists of great places to eat and family-friendly activities to enjoy during your week in Walla Walla. The Walla Walla University pool is also available each afternoon FREE OF CHARGE for WWSI families! Exact times will be posted at the start of camp.